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Edward Council

Mr. Council is a Resident in Counseling. (RIC) with a military background and active knowledge in providing treatment for mental trauma, PTSD, self-harm, sexual struggles, addictions, eating disorders, and other compulsive behaviors. He is highly experienced in providing counseling/therapy methods for most kinds of depression and anxiety disorders as well. He has experience in providing both marital and premarital counseling with strong skills in adolescent behavioral counseling.  Mr. Council has a Master’s degree in counseling from Grand Canyon University AZ, with key focus areas on family counseling, substances abuse counseling and career counseling as well. Early in his career he earned a BS degree in addiction counseling from the same school, with special emphasis on the impact of drug substances as they harmfully affect the human brain and body. He is currently a Doctoral PhD Candidate: (Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Behavioral Health).  Mr. Council also continues to work directly with families in the Metro Richmond area as well as families in the Tri City and has been providing quality counseling services for the last 15 years. His approach to treatment is to introduce, as needed, the necessary effective coping skills which will manage the problem at hand and also instruct how to implement behavioral changes that will bring about success in the client’s overall performance.

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