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Mentoring through Therapeutic Learning 


Virginia Counseling Associates' approach to mentoring and treatment is the Therapeutic Learning Approach.  Therapeutic learning as an approach to treatment is a process that supports  individuals and family groups in becoming better able to navigate their environments by becoming more self motivated while simultaneously increasing self and  social awareness and intelligence. At Virginia Counseling our mentoring approach is based in learning and treatment models such as Blooms Taxonomy, Social Learning Theory, CBT, and Solution Focused Theory.


One of the bi-products of therapeutic learning as an approach to treatment is an increase of insight. This empowers clients and their families to begin thinking and communicating in ways that:

  • Develop genuine trust and rapport,

  • Promote and enhance understanding of their emotional environments and feedback systems,

  • Help each other become problem-solvers within their specific family systems and units, and

  • Create collaborative, healthy, non-dependent relationships with the community supports that help to maintain the family and its individuals.


With many years of experience in various sectors of education, mental health, and community treatment; the therapist, counselors, and mentors at Virginia Counseling Associates are able to:

  • Speak to clients in their language

  • Relay information in a way that is understandable and elevating, and

  • Help clients and families gain a sense of clarity and honesty through modeling, reflecting, and coaching healthy communication.

Funded through FAPT/CSA, County DSS, Private Pay,
and Scholarships
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