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Mentoring through Therapeutic Learning 


At Virginia Counseling Associates, we incorporate the Therapeutic Learning Approach as the foundation of our mentoring and treatment methods. This approach empowers individuals and family groups to effectively navigate their environments by promoting self-motivation, enhancing self-awareness, and encouraging social intelligence. Our mentoring approach at Virginia Counseling is rooted in evidence-based learning and treatment models, including Blooms' Taxonomy, Social Learning Theory, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Solution-Focused Theory.


Here at Virginia Counseling Associates, our therapeutic learning approach to treatment returns a valuable outcome: increased insight. This new insight empowers our clients and their families to adopt transformative thinking and communication patterns, which in turn:

  • Develop authentic trust and rapport,

  • Foster a deeper understanding of their emotional environments and feedback systems,

  • Help to problem-solve within their family and,

  • Establish collaborative, healthy relationships with community support that contribute to the family's and its members' overall well-being.


With extensive experience spanning education, mental health, and community treatment sectors, our team of therapists, counselors, and mentors possesses the expertise to engage with our clients effectively. We are skilled at:

  • Speaking to clients in a language they resonate with

  • Delivering information in a manner that is uplifting.

  • We are guiding clients and families toward clarity and honesty by serving as models, reflective guides, and coaches of healthy communication.

Funded through FAPT/CSA, County DSS, Private Pay,
and Scholarships
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