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Olakunle Akinfolajimi

Olakunle Akinfolajimi is a dedicated mental health professional with a passion for empowering individuals and families to unlock their true potential. With a rich background spanning over two decades, Olakunle has had the privilege of making a positive impact in various roles, helping people overcome challenges, build resilience, and achieve their goals. Early in his career, Olakunle interned as a Youth Counselor at the Richmond Juvenile Detention Center. This experience provided him with valuable insights into working with juveniles, including accompanying them to activities and appointments, facilitating therapeutic groups, and evaluating and documenting their behavior. In his current role, he provides crucial support by offering mental health skill-building, case management, and 24-hour crisis response. Olakunle helps individuals regain independence and embrace a brighter future. Additionally, he serves as a source of guidance and support for parents navigating the challenges of raising teenagers. Olakunle has remained committed to fostering growth, resilience, and independence in the individuals and families he has had the privilege to serve. His dedication to creating a positive impact in the field of mental health and youth services continues to drive his work.

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